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San Jose, California

Solar-Powered Electric Tri-Cycle Vehicles for short commutes

We have come up with a special process to build solar panels that are suitable for electric vehicles.

Some salient features of our Solar-Powered Electric Tri-cycles:

  • Our Solar Tri-cycles run 120 to 150 kms in a day (up to 70 kms on solar and 70 to 100 kms on battery) depending on sun insolation.
  • Significantly reduces dependency on charging infrastructure and electric grid.
  • Safe and durable  -  no glass is used in our solar panels. It makes our solar panels ideal for electric vehicles.
  • Our solar panels are 3 to 5 times stronger than the conventional solar panels.
  • Truly a green vehicle: E Rickshaws are generally charged during the night with the electricity that in turn is generated in the nights with  fossil fuels. That causes emission of greenhouse gases in the environment anyway-just a bit away from the cities though. Our vehicle is continuously charged during the day.

The currently available cars or buses are capital intensive and require special training to operate. Our solar-powered electric tri-cycles will be inexpensive, easier to operate and maintain. They will have the speed limits adhering to the local communities.

There will be a much larger pool of the drivers available to operate our vehicles. Our vehicles are simple and much easier to maintain. The local technicians can be trained very quickly who can manage the fleet of our vehicles.

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